Apr 9, 2008

Malaysia Transport Ministry.......Arghhhhhh

Does it surprise you that news headline reported yet another fatal traffic accident.
Hardly, but it makes you want to wring the neck of the transport minister and whoever else that are supposed to prevent this from happening. We would sympathise if the accident had been unavoidable but revealed, were records that the bus had 52 summonses and the driver is just 23 and had just recently obtain his commercial driving licence.

Accident under such background is definitely unacceptable, we have to question, what had the transport ministry, the JPJ and the police had been doing.
It appeared that they had not been coordinating with each other, to nip the bud of these potential accidents from happening.
I still remember vaguely, a few years back, there were outcries from public on similar accidents and what did the public get in return, a general clean up, a stern warning was issued by the authorities, to settle the summonses failing which warrant of arrest were issued.
If I remembered correctly, a few of them, ordinary citizen, not habitual perpetuators, were thrown into jail over the weekend. Yes, this was a show of their authority, you don’t mess around with them.

As an ordinary Malaysian, my experience with JPJ had always being bad, right from getting a driving licence, getting a car registered, to paying up road tax, just as what a driver has to go through, they were bad, Bad, BAD.
Take as an example, to pay your road tax in the KK JPJ head office, you be lucky to finish this simple tedious task within one hour, more if it coincides with a festival like ‘Hari Raya’. You also have to go early, otherwise the 'queue numbers' are finished and you will have to come back the next day.
Excuses are plenty but the most common one is, computer ‘off-line’ lah.
The staff are just ‘rotten’ to the core from the top. These incidents happen right in front of public eyes, what more on those behind the scenes.
I can safely say that our transport ministry is utterly useless and hopeless right from the days of Ling Leong Sik.

I can also safely predict, this will not be the last that we hear of such nonsense out of our JPJ, such happenings will run its course! What can happen will happen.

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