Apr 5, 2008

Malaysian TV = TULAN


It looks like the poor Malaysian public in general will again be deprived of free F1 entertainment, because none of the free stations are willing to take up the challenge.
The 3rd leg of F1 will be in Bahrain this weekend, starting with qualifying at 7.oopm malaysian time.
TV1 which broadcasted, live, Sepang grand prix is quiet on Bahrain grand prix in its program published today. In its place we find, Documentary followed by Warta Perdana, as if Malaysian are so stupid and had to be informed and educated constantly, what is there to know anyway, other than a load of propaganda.
No other free station is willing to do the public a favour, to air the F1 show or is it because Astro is having F1 as a paid program.
Astro, with the same owner as Maxis, who reportedly contributed millions to BN election campaign funds. Just imagine what influence you get in the corridor of power, to protect your business interests. As a tax payer, I am damn Tulan.
Don’t be totally let down, you can still get an account of the happenings in Formula 1 Website, with its online 'Live Timing service'. It gives you the leading driver and the times done by drivers with live commentary. I tell you what, it beats live commentary by our local commentators.


Tine said...

Nice choice of title *raise an eyebrow*

Anonymous said...

what the hell f*ck All Malaysian Tvs we are using myp2p website and other softwares to watch what astro all whole cables in asia cant prodcast ... so fu*k it
in my hometown i got 7m dish with 7000 channels on it and all free where is the freedom u talk about in malaysia? islam didnt tell you what not let people knows other culture and languages ...fu*k UMNO