Apr 14, 2008

My car!!!!!

Cracked glass

I took half day leave to settle my bills and also to take time out after 2 weeks of 'hard labour' without my technician. It was also a good time for me to meet up with my aunts who came down to Putrajaya as one of them will be awarded for KMN(Kesatriaan Mangku Negara).
Just before approaching the junction towards Taman Connaught, a stone knocked on my front window. I had a quick check around it as usual while driving to see whether there's any damage. None.
At that moment, I was also thinking what I would have done if the glass actually shattered in front of my face. Just before I start to imagine what I would have done. It became a reality.
The glass cracked all over after a loud "pop" came out. And then from there, I had to stop my car at the side of the road.
I was really unprepared for this. My handphone battery only had a few minutes to spare before it died out. I should have made sure that i actually switched on the plug when I charged the phone. Darn...
There were 3 persons I called,
1. My dad
2. My close friend from PJ
3. My boss
Never felt so helpless in my life. I started to imagine the puppy that was tied up in Pulau Ketam that I went yesterday (and I never would have thought to use the photo).

Hot and trapped under the sun

Fortunately someone(from the office) did come to rescue me. I was so glad to see a familiar face after almost an hour in my car. The heat was dreadful and the cars and lorries that passed by were scary. Of course, another 'difficult' task would be driving his car behind my car. It's difficult because it's manual and the car is big. In comparison to my automatic Kancil...

To make the long story short. My car was repaired within less than 2 hours... I lost RM270 just to replace the glass and I'm not hurt. It was quite an interesting day for an ordinary day after work.


Chris Wee said...

I can't bear the look of the dog. Is that what you looked like that day? Gosh. I was cooking my noodles at that time. Hehe.

Kimmy said...

Chris - Obviously i looked pathetic that day. :-P

CarolPD said...

glad you are safe...

p/s enjoy the treasure hunt:)