Apr 23, 2008

Rent the Musical

When my colleague and I was touring around Broadway, New York... we passed by a theater which was promoting to give free seatings through a lucky draw. Of course we weren't so lucky anyway.

I was not really interested in watching it as I already watched one of the shows about Les Miserables (I've been yearning to watch it for since uni) at Broadhurst Theatre. Besides rushing down to Chinatown and Little Italy, I had to limit some cash for my next trip at LA with my mum and aunt.

There's 'some' regret of course for not watching. And I've been yearning to search for the dvd after I made some research on the play.

Recently, it's a miracle that a close friend of mine(whose working in Singapore) found the DVD(and CD!) that I wanted. The verdict... the movie was fabulous. Although it was not as complete as the musical itself, the essence of the story is there.

I had also influenced my housemate to enjoy the show. Apparently she's more crazy to watch it more than once *_*

It definitely made me think and reflect more of life after watching the show.
No day but today...Surely a catchy phrase.


alexander lee said...

cool. cool review. i wonder how would i complete the following part of the phrase? "no day but today........"

in christ,
alex lee

charmedcookie said...

sing with me now.... five hundred twenty five thousand six hundred minutes... how do u measure, measure a year...