May 26, 2008

Food Marathon in Malacca

I was looking through this list of food that I ate with my friends and it was quite shocking to realise I could fill my stomach that much. Feeling bloated all day was too much but thank goodness for the long walk from one street to another. If not, it would be more than enough to feed myself to the wicked witch like the story of Hansel and Gretel.
In the process of going through the marathon, almost everyone was hogging on the poor food to take photos of it. :) Only when one loaded out the food into the computer, it's well worth the torture.

Cendul at Jonker Street

Day 1

1. Beef Noodle (At Seremban Market)
2. Ba Kut Teh
3. Nyonya Kuih
4. Jonker Cendol
5. Satay Celup

Oh the horror of satay celup!

Day 2
1. Char Kuey Tiao from Mr. Slow
2. Kuey Tiao Soup
3. Tan Kim Hock's Cendol
4. Bunga Raya Ais Kacang
5. Fried Oyster + Otak-otak
6. Air Tebu
7. Asam Pedas

The Famous Asam Pedas(Sweet Spicy) near the Pasar Borong

Day 3
1. Nyonya Breakfast
2. Nyonya Lunch

Attack of the Photographers


hana said...

nyummmsss im drooling over the pics of food.

wuts for lunch today?;)

Janice Stone said...

haiz haiz haiz, I want to go Melacca so terribly~~~~ I want those nyonya food, I want the lok lok, I want the cendol~~~~~~

I'm so desperate, so so so want those food~~~~~ haiz haiz haiz