May 1, 2008

It's Labour's Day!

Happy & Cheerful Life

I'm happy today that I FINALLY have an off day during the public holidays. On my previous job, I had to work because I had to do servicing during the factory shut down.

Even at the current job for the last 2 years, I had to work to support production. Since there's a recession in USA, the production is slighter slower but it's a good time to do some 'real' work to improve the process before the next demand comes back.
Most people not only in my company but also others would feel dread to work in such a condition as it will not be a good time to get extra money. In short, "OT"....
When I just started working in the current company, I was quite happy to receive my 'first' OT since my previous company didn't offer such thing.
After a while, I almost went nuts because of no rest. More than 12 hours a day and not less than 6 days a week... within 1 year it definitely took my toll. I turned into someone I didn't want to be.
At the turn of the new year, I finally had the guts to speak my mind out to the managers. I was already ready to tender my resignation letter even if I'm still bonded with the company. It was point where I think I know what I want to do in life. It came to my realization that you work not entirely because of money. I've been working with people(in majority) who work(and live) entirely because of money and influenced by it.
In my own calculations, even if I work for 10 years... I won't even manage to earn RM100,000 into my bank account. Instead of thinking of 'how much cash' i will get by working, it suppose to be how should I improve myself to satisfy the sort of life/value I wanted to be. Chasing for more money like this is just like chasing for a dying flame of a candle.
It is this paradigm shift in thinking made me dare to demand what I wanted (or maybe needed). No, money is not everything. One shouldn't work entirely because of money.

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Wendy said...

Too bad im still working...2.45am liao leh..i slept like 3 hrs the day b4 labour day..labour day i work the whole day, with 1 hr rest..tht is lunch wit head is spinning liao...this is cheap labour liao..'kuli' sigh...