May 13, 2008

What you rarely see in Malaysia

Prepare for performance at Central Park
I have plenty of friends back in high school and in uni who are extremely talented. All my life when I walk around the streets or parks, i rarely see people making performances and showing their talents in public. Why?
Is it our culture that we're scared to be critisized? So far during my travels in Singapore, Indonesia and Thailand - I don't see such things as well. Was it because I went to the wrong area. Hmmm... It shouldn't be.
Based on the comments by friends and families who travelled out to the western countries, it's quite a common sight to see people making performances. Perhaps, they don't need to apply for a permit of license to do this(I don't know - I should have asked that when I was there).
In most cases here, people do performances in night clubs or some cafes(which is usually at a closed area). The 'best' part is that they perform at a place where the upper class people were shopping and having their meals. These sort of places I actually rarely go to.
I should say that parks should be fully uttilized and at least being fairly accessible for all kinds of people. Most of the area is not 'safe' for the people with special needs. Plus the area can sometimes be quite pathetic(toilets and dirty ponds).
Now one should question on how our tax money were being used. Quality of life is BAD, standard of education can only teach us to be dull and uncreative(robots) and the roads here are terrible(you can see it obviously that your car can easilly skidded or the road are so uneven).

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