Jun 25, 2008

'Massive op' to flush out Sabah's illegal immigrants

I stuck my tongue at the Government
As i read the Star papers today, only now they wanted to flush out Sabah's illegal immigrants.
Sabahans has been requesting to erradicate the illegal immigrants issue for eons.

Obviously it's just one of those 'talks' that they plan not to walk on(in hope that we Sabahans might eventually forget). Me personally, will not forget what the goverment promised.
Thanks to them,
1. We're among the poorest state in the country(state gov cannot even afford to hire their own locals to work).
2. Redo the "new" surat anak negeri which they cannot differentiate who is a bumi or not.
3. There are more illegals than locals everywhere in Sabah.
4. More and more sabahans had to migrate out of the state/country to earn a better living.


Anonymous said...

i've known the issue for decades. It's only their political gimmick lar..to win back the heart of Sabahan..Please lar Sabahan are smart..
Secondly, they fill the works in govt offices with 'orang malaya' in Sabah & Sarawak. Then wat is left for Sabahan & Sarawakian? There's no job for locals..thanks to them!!! What are we gonna eat without job??? Plus the price of fuel and food are sky high???!!!! To hell with the politicians..
And just to let u all know, 5kg rice in Swak now cost RM22!!!!!!!

zeezil said...

Deport ALL illegal immigrants and reclaim a country by enforcing the rule of law.

The more a country becomes a nation of illegal immigrants, the deeper it falls into anarchy.

william wang said...

Sarawakians are still lucky, in Sabah, 10 kg rice cost Rm50, 1000kg(i.e 1 metric ton)= Rm5000. Compare to world record price of Thai rice USD1200 = Rm3900. Isn't sarawakians stll lucky?