Jun 7, 2008

Price Hike on Petrol

Trishaw-ing in Malacca

A price increase from RM1.92 to RM2.70 per litre of petrol is a shocker for the whole country. Yes, it's already expected that it is coming but not at such a short time plus with 40% hike. :(
I should be grateful that I'm using a small car to drive to work. Looks like my plans to get a new one will be postponed until a cheaper hybrid car comes into the country.
So, with the extra money of paying the subsidy for oil from our tax goes to where?
I do expect that after the increase of oil price, other items will follow as well. Electrity, water, food etc etc. My fear now if I earn less than what I spend because all the price increase, most probably I have to find another job. I highly doubt that both gov and private sectors are willing to give increment more than 20%.
I would be willing to use public transport but it'll take me 2 hours to arrive at the office. And yes, public transport is terrible. Never on time, always crowded. With such complications with Malaysian traffic itself, i would say it is an impossible fix. I highly doubt that the government would use our extra tax money to improve anything.

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