Jul 7, 2008

If We Can't Fix It... We Won't

Living in this world called "Bolehland" ('Can' Land) is a disappointing environment. I live in a place where people around me promised heaven and earth.
It's frustrating for me as a consumer to be given false hope by the salesperson.
And the workers behind the scenes of creating this so called "a miracle" to the consumer work their @ss off to meet the demand.
At work, I just feel like telling them that "I won't fix it".
1. It's not my job
2. It won't improve my indices.
3. Everyone will depend on me and this 'favour' will eventually become part of my job.
4. I'm depriving others from doing their job.
5. It delays the job that I supposed to do.
6. Based on experience, the credit goes to someone else. (Hey, i have to be selfish sometimes)
Which means, at least something can be done if someone actually do what they are paid to do. If the cycle is not fixed, nothing is fixed. I won't fix it either.
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