Jul 26, 2008

World Youth Day 2008 - The first day

It was a last minute decision for me to volunteer as all my friends couldn't make it due to job commitment and budget. I kinda regretted at the moment I went up into the plane to Sydney because I never traveled alone without knowing how to get around that area. Although I had a few friends (whom I never met before) that I was going to meet in Sydney, it was not the same as going with familiar people.

Upon reaching to the airport, as expected there was an information counter for the WYD. The instructions were simple and there were a lot more other people with flags, banners and ‘uniforms’ going to the same area which was at the Olympic Park.

Waiting for the train to Olympic Park

There were not many people at the park as it was still rather early from the event itself. The ‘best’ part was that the registrars were not sure what or where the volunteers should go and report. 1 volunteer next to me was quite frustrated saying “I’m already in Sydney, what am I going to do??”(he’s from Singapore) Instead of saying “oh-uh” in my head, I was kinda glad to know I’m not the only lost sheep in the heard. Apparently many more volunteers were rather confused too.

Later after packing my stuff in Falkiner Pavilion, I tagged along the guy to get to headquarters. It was a very long walk and to add the cream of the cake (with sprinklers on top) we got lost for a while. I was screaming in my mind saying, “Oh my goosh! Whyy Whyyy am I doing this?!?!”

People unpacking to sleep

We managed to get to HQ and got our stuff after seeing a few nuns and people carrying a big bag titled WYD2008. We also had to watch a video (which I found out that its the training material after a few days).

Since the day was rather early, we decided to walk around in the city and try to get familiar with the area especially at the Domain.

Ice-cream :)

Some interesting shops

We got separated at the end of the day as he decided to stay in a backpacker’s hostel while I stayed back sleeping in a compound with the rest of the people at the pavilion. The reason was that I was stationed in a different area compare to his. The budget was kinda okay AUS$25 per night but after much thinking, I decided to get to know more people at the hall and do not want to miss out what the group is enjoying in this event. It sounds good and logically speaking (in terms of comfort) I was thinking it was another stupid decision to make myself suffer sleeping on the floor with the cold. It was -1 degrees C on the first night...
Another warning about sleeping bags that I learned, if you buy it in tropical hot countries... it's suitable for that weather. My sleeping bag couldn't withstand the cold and with 1 small move I felt the chill again. If possible, buy a new one in cold countries it was made to withstand the cold.

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