Jul 27, 2008

World Youth Day - Around the City

The day after I arrived in Sydney, I manage to meet some Malaysian friends who had arrived on the same day. They were really kind to allow me to tag along the group and go around. 2 more friends as well from Germany and Canada joined the club as well. After a few days, the Malaysian team had to move out to another place for homestay. Which left me and the volunteers back at Olympic Park.

In travelling around the city, it's advisable to buy a day tripper (which cost me AUS$14.60) in order to travel by bus, ferry and subway. But if one is staying longer liek 2 weeks, you can buy 1 ticket for 2 weeks and save 1 week's price. I didnt' intend to buy that since my tag will be used as a ticket for transportation.

A few friends in the train
One thing I like about this place is the architecture of the buildings. Not only they retain the old buildings and statues, the architecture of it was interesting. Of course the best one would be the Sydney Opera House. I manage to watch one of the performance for free during the dress rehearsal after I finished my duty at Barangaroo. The title of the performance was Missa Solemnis by Beethoven.
Sydney Opera House
One of the oldest area in Sydney and 'a must go' would be The Rocks. There was a market and several pubs around where you can drink a few beers as well. Due to limited time(and $$), I didn't really manage to try out the steaks as I was advised that I should at least try once in one of the pubs in australia.
Market at The Rocks
Since it was a Sunday, there was a market that sells stuff just like any other market. Of course, one must not miss buying a few food that one cannot find back at home. So, I bought a few fabulous fudge (Jaffa, Irish Cream and Chocolate Mud) to bring back home, 2 insect repellent (lemon and lavendar smell) that can last for 3 years and a corn to eat. The corn was really sweet and large! I never tasted corn that has salt and pepper on it.
Eating Corn together
Just being in the city, 1 week would be enough to travel around (without working as a volunteer). I plan to come back again to fill up the other places I didn't manage to visit. Backpacking may be worthwhile if one is still young and energetic. Another thing is that it's far more cheaper than going on a tour. ;-)

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