Aug 4, 2008

What is a National University anyway?

A grand look during the Sydney visit

I was reading a friend's blog about the Centre for Students Advancement in my uni had issued a letter dated 21st July 2008 to all students stated that no religious activities could be held in the campus except for "Agama Rasmi Negara" (Country's Official Religion).

From a university which called itself as Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia - The National University of Malaysia, it's a real turn off for everyone who may want to pursue the studies there. The department that is responsible for the 'advancement' for the students have no brains on the meaning of the word itself.

What on earth the meaning of university is all about? It suppose to play a role in our intellectual life. They suppose to educate the intellectual elite and professional classes of our country. In existence of universities, they provided the institutional home in which scholars carried on advance research and created most of the humanistic, medical, legal and scientific advances.

If I am still a student, I would have asked why they decided to do so and most probably request for an answer in black and white. I will also post my opinion in local newspapers or articles in public about this.

I know most students would think twice before doing this because of the fear of being 'kicked out' from their current uni, but what is wrong in getting the answers from them? It is against their authorities' rights to snatch away the student's education (without a good concrete reason) anyway.

We are in a democratic country. An executive summary that i just recently read from the US Department of State, partly it stated "The right to freedom of religion is also a cornerstone of democracy." Malaysia is a democratic country and yet the national university is not allowing the students to have a religious gathering? Of course, at least they allow them to go to church/temple to pray.
A simple gathering of friends of a same religion to learn and interact can actually disrupt the peace and harmony in campus? Does this mean, there's no trust at all to the students who actually practice a different religion? Are they being watched out because they might be fanatics or terrorists to the country?
I'm just disappointed and sad with what is happening with my own university. It was not like that when I joined in one of the religious society. I didn't turn out to be evil if that is what they are afraid of. Wake up and smell the flowers, the uni will not improve any better by doing this.

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