Aug 19, 2008

When spare parts and chicken feet were so cheap

Yum yum :)
It was during my primary school years I remembered my dad brought home a few kg of chicken feet. I was really excited to see what kind of 'experiment' my dad was going to do.
First these feet were boiled(just enough to feel the crunch on the feet's tendon when its cooked). Then, the three of us (mum, dad and I) would peel out the flesh out from the bones and placed them into the bowl or pail. It was then mixed together with some chopped onions, garlic, ginger and a dash of salt and sugar into it. Another important element of course, was lime and vinegar in order to have these feet to be fermented properly.
Lastly, these concoctions were placed into a fridge for a few days just to have the flavour blend together nicely. The first time when I took it, it was nothing to shout about since it was pretty new to me. As for both of my parents, they easily finished within less than week. But after that day, there's no more of it since it was too tiring for them(and me) to make more of it. Plus the price of these parts were skyrocketing.
Now, I'm really miss that sort of 'delicacy'. So just for old time sake, my dad made 1 small portion for both of us for dinner. It was YUMMY!
If one wonders what kind of food is it, I have no idea. Unfortunately, these sort of stuff is not as cheap as it used to be. Sekali sekala makan boleh lah. :)


Chris Wee said...

Is this fear factor stuff?e

Kimmy said...

chris wee: Haiya, no lah. There's nothing strange with the taste and smell. It's just a plain salad dish.

Anonymous said...

Kim, there's a place in Bintulu called "Spring Garden Cafe" located behind Riverview Inn..the locals said the chicken feet there taste v nice, they claim it's d best in Bintulu..but i dunno lar cos I don eat chicken feet..oh is the whole chicken feet..they boiled it then fried it..

Cytoworld said...

Now the chicken feet cost more per pound than the chicken itself.$1.99/lb.