Aug 3, 2008

World Youth Day 2008 - As a volunteer

I manage to arrange a few photos which related to my experience as a volunteer for the World Youth Day. There were too many of the events that I didn't manage to take as we're not really allowed to take photos when we're on duty.
What's important was to be able to contribute as well as having fun during the event. It was blessing as well to be able to meet new friends along the way which we became a pack during the whole event. It's a cheeky and a fun group which includes Elizabeth from Germany, Marie from Canada, Matt(who came later tagged along Elizabeth when they were introduced) from Montana USA and me.

At Barangaroo
It was considered as our first 'official' day of work. So, everything was kinda hectic as we were in a process of building up a team to be assigned at specific area around Barangaroo. Fortunately, four of us were still together when the team was formed. :) The team was called as Super G supervised by a fun loving person from Utah, Anna B.

Me, Elizabeth and Marie (our first day of work - Elizabeth's second day)


Group formation at Barangaroo


Super G Team


G3 Team with our team leader and supervisor
Being a crowd marshall was not easy. One has to be strict to allow people to be in the area or not. Some would do anything to cheat their way through to get the best view. Even a priest manage to try to had his shot by saying "Lord is merciful" to get his group into our area. Fortunately, Marie manage to say, "God is perfect, that's why he is merciful..(the rest is up to your imagination hehe)"
The worst part was that our area was where the pope passed by with his pope mobile and almost near to the stage and tv screen.
After duty, look at the crowd...
Sitting on the floor with no pilgrims around

There were times as well when the day was extremely boring. What we did was to sit together and had our very own sharing group to play and talk about our culture and background. At the end of the day, we manage to run off and try our luck to see the dressing rehearsel at the Sydney Opera House. It was a performance composed by Beethoven on Missa Solemnis. The performance was great and truly beautiful.
Waiting to enter at Sydney Opera House
We had breakfast, lunch and dinner. I didn't manage to take photos for breakfast since I never thought of it actually.
What we had for breakfast was coffee/tea, cereal with milk, fruit box, muesli bar, a bun(same size for a burger) and marmalade/jam.
Lunch - There were a few choices with either Beef pie, lamb stew, chicken stew, vegetable stew and curry. Topped up with a bun, a cake (lamingtons - something coated with chocolate and coconut or Sara Lee cakes with 3 choices to choose from), oranges and apples.
Dinner - Almost the same as lunch but we could also choose pasta or rice with curry(depending on which day) back at Olympic Park.

Meat Pie and Banana Muffin
Lunch almost the same every day
Randwick Racecourse
It was the last 2 days where we positioned and my body and mind were extremely tired already.
Almost everyday ever since we started, we just jump into our sleeping bags and slept. Too tired to be able to stay awake to have a longer chat. We only had to chat in the train on our way back or on the way to work.
Betting for the best horse? :-P

Final Mass at the Racecourse

Yes, we had rewards too hehe... it was quite simple, but the biggest reward I would say was the memories back in Sydney. I don't know whether the pilgrimage really brought springtime to the winter in australia, but it did bring springtime in one part of my life.
It's not about getting those materials or meeting the pope, it's a gift of friendship with the people I met and also the gift of experience traveling in a different places independantly.

Our rewards as volunteers


A reward i didn't manage to attend uhuhu

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