Sep 22, 2008

Happy Birthday Mum

When I was a kid, I loved my squeeky shoes. I wore it almost every day in the house just to hear it squeeked. Then one day, it stopped squeeking. I jumped, walked and run to try to make a sound from it. It didn't. Sigh... I wondered why its life ended so soon. I concluded that it was spoilt because used it too much.
More than 12 years later, I chatted my mum about my favourite squeeky shoes. "Oh that." she said. "It was irritating and I couldn't understand why you liked it. So I punched a hole to stop it from squeeking."
I was speechless.

Loving and plain funny. :) Happy Birthday, Mum!


Gallivanter said...


iris said...

So sweet :)
Is that a cake?handmade card?i love the colours ;)

Kimmy said...

Iris - It's homemade cake. Tastes really nice too.

beetrice said...

OMG..that's seriously funny! (but I could never stand those squeaky shoes...teeheehee...)

Chris AngelicDemon said...

reminds me of when i lost my pacifier terchenta...mum told me that a Rat must've stolen it..hmmm????
macam tu pula dia mo tipu oh..skarang baru sy tau..hahah

Tine said...

Hahaha! It''s the mums, it's always the mums :p

In retrospect, I know understand why my mum got me those squeaky shoes, and why kids these days should wear squeaky shoes. So that they can be kept track off (goodness me, just see how they run away when at the supermarket!)

PS: I hated my squeaky shoes :p

Leo said...

LMAO... Kecian!
Maybe we should do that for annoying those kiddy roller shoes. So senang wan to get into accident.
And we can say the wheels got fedup of being rolled up all the time that they ran away. Heheee