Sep 15, 2008

Kas-kas is BACK!

Several years ago, kas-kas was banned from this country because it was widely used in most of our cooking. I remembered it was something related to drugs but didn't know for sure.

Yesterday, I came across to the spices section in a local supermarket and found kas-kas seeds. To my surprise, biji kas-kas actually means poppy seeds... Oooh, now I know why it was being banned (Hint: That's how we get Morphine and Codeine hehe). Fortunately, I traced back an article by BERNAMA to confirm my memory.

There are a lot of our food in this country(except Sabah as far as I know) use this type 'spice' to enhance flavour. I never come to realise its effects because I'm quite used to the food here for several years. Only when my dad came here, he felt funny that he couldn't sleep through the night after he had that particular meal outside of the house. Hmmm, must be the poppy seeds...

So, yeah! It's a good time to try this babies for cakes and muffins! Buy it while stocks last! Hahah. :)

Biji kas-kas

For sale


Gallivanter said...

Cheating food enhancer... :-P

Kimmy said...
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Kimmy said...

Hi Bea, Sorry that I deleted your comment. Cannot risk of seeing the supermarket's name (in an obvious manner) hehe.