Sep 20, 2008

A new trick for me!

Trying to draw out with lights had been running in my mind for quite a while since I see a lot of functions in my old camera for the past 7 years. It's a prosumer camera so it's enough to get some good photos out of it. The only downside about this camera Sony Cybershot DSC-V1, the focus time deteriorates in time (I heard because of the battery) and the Li-ion battery can only last me only less than half a day. It's quite a turn off sometimes when you go to functions with this camera and miss out all the nice candid shots.

Since it's almost impossible to handle it with motion, I decided to use this indoors with items which are more 'static'. If not, I'll be seeing blurry pictures all the time unless there's a lot of sunlight at the surrounding.

Ye Ra Rose
The light

Learning a new trick makes me feel like a kid again. :)

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