Sep 3, 2008

What a relief!

Plant in the desert
I called my mum about the fourth time to check on the IVU(Intravenous Urography) Examination results. To everyone's surprise, doctors found nothing.
Then, she was advised to go back for ultrasound as what she had done yesterday and found nothing on both of her kidneys.
It was strange that the 'stone' had disappeared when the doctor had confirmed to see something quite visible from the ultrasound.
Apparently, the doctor had given my mum something on the day before to neutralize the condition in her kidney plus advised to drink more water. This may had helped to flush out the stones but we're still not sure. So, we're still under close monitoring in case the pain and spasm comes back.
I'm quite thankful that mum was alright. It was BIG relief that afternoon.
I was deeply touched as well since last Sunday for the prayers and support of close friends and families. Perhaps, it could a divine intervantion(Aunty Jo's favourite phrase) through all the prayers which made my mum well.


beetrice said...

that's great news! :)

Tine said...

Oh thank God everything's all right!