Sep 2, 2008


It was 10.30 am on Merdeka Day.
I suddenly woke up with a phone call and it was mum's name on the screen.
"Hi Kim, mummy's sick......"
The rest was a blur. I couldn't think.
Today, it was confirmed that mum had kidney stones through the ultrasound. It's suspected to be 13mm. Tomorrow morning, she has to see a specialist to confirm the size and what needs to be done to take it out. Luckily, she's with my aunt, her sister to take care of her and brought her to the clinic during these few days.
I wish I'm with my mum right now that I could give her comfort. So near through the phone and yet so far to reach her.


beetrice said...

Oh dear..hope your mum's doing alright! Keep us updated k?

Tine said...

Oh dear, hope your mum's okay. Yeah keep us updated on this. Hugs!