Oct 27, 2008

Bringing Monroe to Work

I called it Monroe (from the actress Marilyn Monroe) because of its petals are usually reflexed back 90° to 180°. Which is the same as how Marilyn Monroe's skirt blown up.

I realised that I bought a plant by mistake in Ikea recently. Attractive in colour and shape, I never thought that it would be difficult to take care(after reading through the internet). Apparently, this plant is suitable at the Mediteranean Region.

Therefore, temperatures which exceeds 25C will make the plant to go dormant. Even the way to water it, is not as easy as pouring on top of it. It was much to my dismay that there are many other attractive plants on sale are actually suitable in cooler(and drier) conditions. That's why I had to bring it to work in order to keep my plant alive and blooming.

It's so frustrating when you buy nice looking plants only to realise it's not suitable to the climate.
But then, ever since the plant was placed on my table, I look forward to come to work and see its progress. Its fragrance is just as attractive as the flower.

Monroe the Cyclamen

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