Oct 2, 2008

Chicken Shit Flower

Lantana Camara aka Bunga Tahi Ayam
Years back when I was almost finishing my final year in uni, my friend and I were debating about this particular flower called Bunga Tahi Ayam(Chicken Shit Flower) known as Lantana Camara as its scientific name. I never surrendered to him that these beautiful flowers were called as a 'foul smelling type'. I couldn't even believe it smelt bad anyway.
But recently, I came across this bunch of flowers again and took a few photos of it because of its attactive colours. Only then, I remembered back that debate again.
Itching to know the true name of this flower, i typed it down in Malay. As expected, the my friend was correct. Darn, I hate to admit that he's correct. What more to see his face saying, "I told you so."
Finally, I have to admit defeat...


Gallivanter said...

Oh yes, the dreaded Bunga Tahi Ayam, the person who named it must be shot!

fiona said...

It doesn't look like the bunga tahi ayam that I know..haha. Maybe tak sama spesis but same genus/famili etc..I forgot the biology naming hierarchy already..haha