Nov 23, 2008

Congratulations to Patricia & John!

It's the first time I manage to become a 'chi mui' for my friend's wedding. At that time, I came way too early to Dynasty Hotel where she waited her 'prince charming' to fetch her to his house for the tea ceremony. So, while waiting I manage to watch the make up process for 2 hours. I never knew it would take that long for a full hair and make up. After that, 2 other 'chi muis' ganged up to plan out the 'difficult' tasks for the groom and his 'heng tais' before they could take the bride away.
White shoes and flowers
It took the guys about 1/2 hour to finish the tasks. Generally it was not that hard but it was amusing enough to make all of us laugh till our tears came out. Patricia was smart as well in hiding herself behind the curtains while her husband had to search around the room (checked into each room 3 times!) sweating.
After that, they had a ceremony of eathing longevity noodles and boil egg before going off to the groom's house. I think it could be the Foo Chow's tradition during their weddings since the longevity noodles was generally used for special occasions with my other Foo Chow friends.

A memorable meal


In tradition, we suppose to drive along to the groom's house but eventually told to go directly to church. Anyway, it's great as well to get to know her more while having a cup of coffee at Old Town Kopitiam nearby the church.



The decorations and theme was champagne. It was simple but really eye candy for me personally. Of course, I had a very very hard time to find any clothes which match the colour of the theme.

I do I do...


On the same day, a group of my friends from CSSUKM and CSSUPM drove together to Dynasty Hotel. We almost got lost but we're among the earliest people to arrive there. It started about an hour upon our arrival. So, some of us manage to try a few shots around the hall. My camera really cannot already lah. Most of the photos were half past six. Being in the dark room like the ballroom was the most difficult time to take photos. So, I just gave up and used flash instead.

Nicely decorated


The food was great. My only frustrations was the war between my fork and spoon skills and the marmite prawn. I only manage to eat one because I was too lazy and to scared to have 1 prawn to fly off anywhere to another person's table. The only person who can actually open up the skin was Greg. I manage to open 1 and he opened 4 of them!

Greg skillfully separating the skin


Just like me, she's still trying hard


All in all, I had a great time!

Congratulations to the happy couple and God bless you all always! :)


Deana E said...

hmmm..well at least u know how it gona be fo u in the future kim..

Kimmy said...

Deana E: Hey, long time no see! I'm sure whether I'll follow the chinese or the Kadazan culture though. Too tiring to do both.