Nov 18, 2008

Kancil Overhaul

Mouth Wide Open

After 8 years of not servicing the air-con and not changing the engine mount(whatever you may call it).... Everything just gave way. The aircon was screaming like there's no tomorrow and the whole car was shaking which made the mechanic say "Boleh disko lagi oh"(You can go disco with it).

I was hoping that the screeching of the car was caused by the belting. Apparently, the compressor cannot be used anymore. Same goes to the filter and condenser. So, they suggested to do an overhaul for the whole air-con system. It costed me RM1400++. Huhuh....

Trying to brainwash my mindset, I had to convince myself that the parts had served me for 8 years and it was considered okay because I only had pay RM180++ a year. How much do you spend for servicing your aircon every year?


Gallivanter said...

Wow, an overhaul!!! YIKES!

Well, I spend around RM120 per 18 months to service the aircon.

beetrice said...

heh...better not mention this to my parents or my mum will be going "you see? you also like that!! wait until car fall apart then only want to take to service!" (oops) so really, we're all in the same boat...hehe..

CarolPD said...

come to think about it, i havent service my car aircond since i first got it..that is like 3 yrs ago?hmm think i better start looking at it in my next car service.

btw, where's ur tg. sepat pictures? update pls...hehe