Nov 16, 2008

Tanjung Sepat

Another interesting trip that most of us never known that it existed. It was a long journey from PJ to Tanjung Sepat which took more than 1 hour.

Lover's Bridge

It was already late noon and it was rather difficult to take photos because of the position of the sun. We had nothing else but to take whatever 'decent' for a picture.

The scenery, no doubt was beautiful. It was also a really nice place to have seafood and a romantic evening to view the sunset at the Lover's Bridge.


Being there, it reminded me of my younger days in pre-u at Labuan. Most of the evenings, I would walk down to the beach and just view the sunset. Every time would always be a different hues of colours. It was a time as well where most of my coursemates got their bf and gf because of the environment and the boredom in the island itself. He he...


Anyway, it's a nice place to enjoy the moment and of course practicing your photographic skills. My camera of course, was almost dying as usual. If couldn't even tahan more than 4 hours for 2 batteries. :-(


The sunset

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