Dec 2, 2008


The first candle

During my first year of studying in UKM, I remembered a lecturer from HUKM was invited to give a talk to the new students who just entered during the second intake. Her advise to us when pursuing our career in the outside world was to live as if we're near to our death. I couldn't understand why did she say so at that moment and it was somehow irrelevant for us young people who were excited to try out so many things in the outside world.

Now, the passage that I read the Gospel for the first week of Advent (Mk 13:33-37), the lecturer's advise came back to me again. If I step back on observe my life,am I really proud of it? Am I satisfied or happy with the path that I chose? Were the choices I made were the right choices? When I leave this world, will I be ready to face Him?

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