Dec 28, 2008

Christmas at Sunway Pyramid

My brother and I went out to Sunway Pyramid to check out some DSLR for price comparison. We also got 'diverted' along the way because of the Christmas attraction which was happening inside the mall itself. I could say that the decorations and performances were pretty impressive in comparison to Pavilion that we went on Christmas Day.

I tried to put my trusty old camera to the test since there's nothing much to do at the mall. It was pretty interesting as well to observe the people around bringing their families out for 'bonding' and entertainment. Generally my family would just celebrate at home and organise our own sports and outings(usually at Kundasang). Unfortunately, I had to miss the opportunity this year because of the wrong timings of my force leave and the overpriced tickets of flying back to Sabah.

Ice skating
Sunway Pyramid indeed brought back a lot of memories and it did make a lot of changes since. I personally prefer to shop around here than in Midvalley because of the parkings and the size of the crowd at a minimal.
Christmas Trees and Presents
It was interesting to observe the people around watching performances while wearing the santa hat to be a part of the christmas mood. Some would even fight to get near the stage and take photos of their children or bring their kids into the rides. It was like watching human beings turned into monsters for their children's sake. Gosh...
The best part, I would wonder what the kids were thinking when they look at their parents that way. Only if they were able to remember and appreciate that moment. Most of the time that I remembered was when my parents brought me out to the beach or at the park in Kundasang. There were no big malls then in Sabah. But at least there won't be much fighting or hassling like what I'm seeing in KL.
Sometimes, I do miss those moments with my family back in Sabah but I guess things just have to move on. It's just sad (and scary) if I were to see myself to be like most parents that I saw at the mall this afternoon.
Wait in turn for rides

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