Dec 31, 2008

Food Outing near my area

My friend, TC and I decided to make this our quarterly event to have some adventure by eating out new foods which is quite popular in Klang Valley area. To think of the statement, "live to eat" came out to my mind. :)
Well, to get out of the house and navigate was quite a task for both of us. Enjoying those simple things in life like food is just fun. Here are a few shots that caught my attention.


TC and our servings

I couldn't help commenting on the food at Tien Yew Restaurant situated in Taman Puteri Jln 5/1. In my hometown, the chinese were generally Hakka. I never seen or even tried Hakka food (except for the pork and yam) which were so 'green'. The green tea soup tasted like grass and our rice bowl filled with different types of veges. Eaten it by itself won't be nice unless you flood them with the green tea soup. It had an acquired taste but good enough to eat. It's worth a try trust me ;) Very healthy too.

Pork and Yam

Lu cha ( Hakka Food )


alexander l. said...

what you call hakka food in the second pic is named lu cha.
-alexander l.

Kimmy said...

Thanks for the info ;) I'll change the name hehe.

diana said...

Lu-cah food?????????????????????????? OMG~~

alex said...