Dec 25, 2008

What did we do today?

I knew that my brother was not satisfied celebrating here because of the lack of 'feeling' in comparison when celebrating back in Tuaran for caroling and partying in Penampang.
It's not easy indeed to tell him that things are going to be different when you're away from home. I am stressed in fact that i have to bring him around to entertain him.
The last time I brought him out somewhere that he didn't want to go(it was because I had no money to bring him to some classy restaurant), he cried right in front of my face.
For now, at least that I manage to bring him around just to avoid seeing his red eyes for the second time on Christmas.

Jam jam jam

Today, we went on a 'so called' road trip in the heart of KL hoping that there'll be no jam since it's a public holiday. We were so wrong to ever think about it. Every main shopping mall seems to be packed with people of all races. If one is saying the economy is bad here, think again. There're many who can still afford to buy those junk foods and extremely expensive presents and decos which I may think twice to hang around my house. I can say that 1U may be experiencing the worst jam in comparison to any other malls that I drove around.

Centre Court at Pavilion
So, the only mall that we actually stopped by was Pavilion. Due to its popularity to the high end consumers, there's nothing much we spent on except for a book that my brother bought for himself and a parking ticket.

Beware of the wierd fairies

Scary looking tree outside Pavilion


The thing about here is that it's way too commercialized. There are some things that I find rather ridiculous. One thing is definitely the wierd dressed fairies. Ugh, I dunno what to say about that. And a scary looking Christmas trees outside of Pavilion.

To attract the Dell fans


After that, we had a romantic dinner at Ma Maison under the candle light which is rather awkward for siblings to eat together. Anyway, I manage to befriended with a waiter since he knew me that I was one of those 'frequent' customer of the restaurant. I happen to find out that the restaurant will be closed from early January until mid Feb because the owner will be going back to France to see his mother. Hmm...

Anyway, it's a good Christmas spending with friends and families in a simple way by not bothering too much with my brother's nags and complaints ;)


Chris Wee said...

Romantic dinner eh? Was wondering how romantic it was without (ahem!). KL is the worse place to go to at Christmas time. Perhaps it's a good place to see reality as well when foreigners take over the place while the locals go home. But 'christmas' is simply Claus-mess in KL with Jesus not in sight.

Kimmy said...

Chris Wee: My bro was commenting tha the ambience was romantic ma.. Without (ahem) no feeling lah. Anyway he's not even romantic :P Actually, there are still plenty of locals in KL and it seems to be more people on the road and malls compare to the usual weekends.