Dec 30, 2008

My new baby

Initially I wanted to get a Nikon D80 because of my plans of using my brother's old camera lens which were Nikon 35-70mm and Vivitar wide angle lens 24mm. Upon using my friend's camera and read a few reviews online, the Nikon D80 was acceptable. So, my friend and I went to a few shops to look for the camera.
He also suggested the Canon EOS 40D on the day before we went out for camera hunting but I was quite reluctant with it (I'm not a Canon fan). Of course, I couldn't resist from reading and comparing for the last time before the hunt. The specs of the EOS40D was 1 grade better than the Nikon D80 in several aspects. We did manage to find 1 D80 at RM3100 but I couldn't resist to try 1 more shop (several km away from MidV) and ended up observing the EOS 40D since I never really try it before.
The moment I took a snap from it, "Wow". That's the only thing that came out of my mind.
I took a few shots of the plants from Xavier Hall right after I purchased the camera. It was nothing much but it did make such a big difference compare to my old Sony Cybershot DSC-V1.
It definitely won't take a photo as good and as fast as DSLR but still it's a good camera compare to most cameras I tried in the past.
I hate say this but, it's definitely ironic to buy something you used to resist. I used to be a Nikon and Sony fan but now, I've been converted to Canon. Anyway, it's good thing to open up more to other models to see more opportunities. More photos to come more tricks to learn :)

Canon EOS 40D


Janice Stone said...

wow you've got the new camera!
I'm a fan of Canon, the colour is so nice~
but for DSLR I can't switch anymore as all our lenses, flash etc are of Nikon already. So the next target should be D80.
But that's soooooo expensive~~~~~~~~

Kimmy said...

D80 is already cheap after D90 came up. After searching through for about 6-7 shops at Sunway Pyramid, Midvalley and in KL there's only 1 left(in midvalley). The lowest price you can get is RM3100. That's the best price you can find here. Better buy now because the production of this model had stopped.

CaroL Magdalene said...

So there's a new baby on the block:) Kim that means I'm expecting more from you..hehe..
happy learning and capturing this life..look forward for more of your photos with your new baby.
BTW, got nickname for it or not?

Edwin Lim said...

Cool baby. Looks a bit bulky though. But have fun...

Kimmy said...

That's why you call it a DSLR -_-'

Janice Stone said...

next time you may try to look at this:

online camera shop, own by a lecturer in UTM, under his wife's care. trustworthy, as we know the person. :)

not neccessary D80, but D80 is the price we can afford at the moment. If we have more $$$, who knows, we might buy D200! ^^

Kimmy said...

Janice: Hmm.. Quite high end on some stuff. My camera and tools still cheaper. :P Costed me RM3450 including bag, UV filter and memory card. I thought you already have a DSLR at home? Planning for upgrade?