Dec 3, 2008

Rear Seat Belts!

Enjoying the view during the jam
It's announced that we're going to get free rear seatbelts since the government are enforcing the use of rear seat belts starting 1 Jan 2009. I received my car without rear seat belts so I had no choice but to send it to the Perodua service centre at Ulu Klang to get them installed.
Much to my dismay, the seat belts 'may' arrive after 15th Dec 2008. Worst case could be next year :( You know what it means?! There'll be a lot people(we're talking thousands) fighting their way to get the rear seat belts installed within 2 weeks. Even if given the 3 year grace period, there'll always be passengers for the back seat along the road.
So, better book for your rear seat belt from your service centre before others will.

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