Jan 3, 2009

Back to work

A beep came off at 3.11 am.
I checked out my handphone to see whether there's any emergency during that ungodly hour. It was my boss trying to remind me what to do first thing in the morning. I smiled as it's not something really bad had happened but kinda irritated because it bothered my sleep.

As I fell into a deep slumber, I had a wierd dream that I had to go to the past to solve a murder. The worst thing was, I was chased by a good looking guy with long blonde hair tried to kill me with a bow and arrow(aiming specifically at my neck). His arrow couldn't penetrate through deep enough. I managed to snatch his equipment and shoot him at his neck too. He survived and vowed for revenge. I felt stressed and could feel the wound on my neck where he had shot.

Woke up again. 8 am.
Rushed myself to work thinking about this strange dream.
Hmm, it's not so bad for first day of the year at work.
Happy working...

Dreamy look from the aquarium at Amcorp

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Deana E said...

so funny ur dream..hapopy new year kim..