Jan 19, 2009

Birthday Bash

Several weeks before my birthday, a group of my friends whom I had been meeting every Wednesday asked me, "What's your favourite food or any special requests on your birthday?"

Knowing that I have tasted almost everything I can think of (which is being cooked in Malaysia), I decided to say, "Something exotic."

So, for the past few weeks I had been 'hinted' with 'scary' proposals like monkey brain, insect sushi, fried grasshoppers, worms and so on. It did make me squirm a little because I don't really like to see it in its original form. I would rather mash them all up and mix in a bowl of porridge.

As the evening was approaching, and given a lot of birthday sms from my friends and colleagues, I got more and more restless worrying that I might be eating insects and monkey brain for dinner.

Fortunately, the dinner this time was a Sri Lankan cuisine. I never tasted that kind of food before too. So, it suites the challenge. Plus, it's something that all of us can enjoy together. Phew...

Caramel cake
Aliyaa - Sri Lanka restaurant
Our dishes
Group photo
All in all, it was certainly an enjoyable day and dinner itself (smiling ear to ear).
Thank you!!

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