Jan 5, 2009

Caught Speeding

I was just started to accelerate up to 100km/hr at the Kesas highway until I saw there was a roadblock right after the junction to Bukit Jalil Stadium. I was quite confident that I could get away with it. Unfortunately, no. :(
So, the traffic police told me to pull over at the side of the road for questioning.

Police: Moi, you tau ke kenapa kena tangkap? (Lady, do you know why you were caught?)
Me: Tau, sebab pandu laju. (I know, because I drove too fast)
Police: Berapa laju you pandu? Dan berapa laju you sepatutnya pandu? (How fast did you drive? And you know what's the road limit?)
Me: 100km/sejam. Jalan raya ni 90km/sejam
Police: Aah, tau pun. Saya terpaksa saman kamu kerana pandu laju. Bagi saya awak punya lesen. (Aah, you knew it. I have to summon you for speeding. Give me your license).
Me: ...*Sigh*
Police: Bila saya saman awak, terpaksa bayar RM300. (When I summon you, you have to pay RM300)
Me: Ya, banyak juga bayar. Apa boleh buat. (Yes, it's quite a lot. What to do.)
Police: Jadi, macam mana? (So, how?)
Me: Eer.. saya terpaksa bayar lo. (Eer.. I have to pay then)
Police: Okay, ini saya nak isi saman dalam borang. Awak pandu 100km/sejam dan jalan raya ni sepatutnya 90km/sejam. (Okay, I'm going to summon you. You were driving 100 km/hr and this road suppose to be driven at 90km/hr) *While pointing the paper summons on his file*
Me: Okay...
Police: Jadi, macam mana? (So, how?)
Me: Huh? Macam mana apa? (Huh? So, how what?)
Police: Macam mana, nak saman kah? (How, you want to get summoned?)
Me: Ya, dah buat salah mesti bayar lah. (Yes, I did the wrong thing I have to pay for it.)
Police: Jadi, macam mana? (So, how?)
Me: Bagi saman lah. (Just give me the summon)
Police: I bagi you lepas lah untuk kali ini. (I'll let you go this time.)
Me: Terima kasih, encik. Lain kali saya tak akan buat lagi (Thank you, sir. Next time it won't happen again.)

I already had a hunch that the police asked for bribery. I told my brother about it since he was just sitting next to me in the car. He said, "Huh, really?" He just had no idea what was going on. Kwang kwang kwang... -_-'

Looking up...


beetrice said...

actually hor, there's technically a margin of +10kmh for the speed limit (since we can't drive ngam ngam at 90kmh unless got cruise control rite...) so by right if you were under 100kmh he shouldn't have pulled you over. LOL!

PS: it's usually either "macam mana" or "apa macam"...some things never change...haha...

Deana E said...

hahaha..so smart you...ur bro ba so inocent..

alee said...

it's funny that even the top brass just a few weeks back was denying the fact i.e. THE FACT that such case do NOT exist as they were paid quite good. So in fact, THE FACT should NOT be the FACT but unfortunately THE FACT still exist. maybe I should have just reality instead, no negative connotation here people.

alee said...

erratum: "maybe I should have just change the word FACT to reality"

Kimmy said...

beetrice: Ya, I should have remembered that :P That's why I thought I may never get caught for it.
Deana E: Ya loh, my brother... haiya.
Alee: $$ is never enough. If there is an oppotunity, they'll just go on with it. Anyway, a 'fact' is never a 'FACT' what we want to hear of. That is reality.

Chris Wee said...

Cute shot Kim, but yes, it does not happen all the time. Consider yourself lucky cause they could have given you a ticket but they allow you free. You must have looked quite cute and innocent yourself? Probably, you beat your brother to it. :)

Kimmy said...

Chris: Yes, I was lucky. This considered the 2nd time I got caught beacause of speeding. I think I look rather 'pitiful' and blur than cute. :P

Tine said...

Yep, he was definitely just waiting for you to say that you'll slip him a RM50 note. Tsk tsk tsk :P