Jan 28, 2009

Happy Niu Year!

I remembered when I was very young, my late granpa would reward my cousins and I a bar of Cadbury chocolate after measuring our height and weight. It didn't last long because we were too tall for him to measure.

Then, he decided to ask all of us to perform by playing his piano, singing, drawing or giving out a speech according to our own abilities. Those times were grueling times when all of us girl cousins would gather together and asked each other what we're going to perform. It was really funny to remember back those memories.

As for now, those traditions had died down after granpa's passing except for the yearly family photograph. We girl cousins still perform but for a different occasion hehe but still it's almost close to CNY anyway.

Family Photo at Nirvana Memorial Park
Family Photo at Genting


beetrice said...

haha...you mean all of us got too big for him to measure - not too tall! :D but yes, oh the memories...*nostalgia*

charmedcookie said...

lol! funny how 2 performances after granpa's passing took place sometime near CNY ;)

wonder what'll happen next year?