Jan 6, 2009

Crabs at Chan Yew Kee Restaurant

I met some of my friends at Bukit Serdang for dinner last weekend. She was proposing to try it there as we were not so satisfied eating a bunch of 'unfreshed' crabs at King Crab in PJ(if you plan to have crabs, don't go there!!)
So, four of us (Dora, Kat, William & Audrey) tried our luck with the restaurant. It was exceptionally good. There were several other dishes that we ordered but of course it was the crab that we're craving about. :P We ordered the sweet sour crab (good to eat with mantou or bun) and fried salted egg crab. They were DELICIOUS!
Pots for cooking soup


Sweet Sour Crab *Before*

Dunk with mantou


Janice Stone said...

how bout the salted egg crabs?
its always my favourite, but only the restaurant near subang airport did it nice!

Kimmy said...

We ordered it much later because the crabs were not enough. My hands were already dirty to touch my camera to have a shot. :P

kat said...

i want to eat it again.
next time we try Fatty Crab. Hear it's good too...