Jan 24, 2009

Family holiday at Genting

I just came back from Genting. It's been a tradition for the Wang (and Bosi for Christmas) family to have a family trip before or after the Chinese New Year. This year, we had more things to enjoy since the weather was great compare to last year. The only set back would be the dreadful phone calls from work. I had to switch to a serious mode everytime I see the phone ringing and giving specific instructions or additional phone calls to get things running in the line. I kinda get used to the idea of getting calls all the time so it didn't really spoil my holiday with the family. Just as long as I don't have to drive back to KL just to 'save the world'. Haha..
Happy Holidays!

1 comment:

Tine said...

All the phone calls you had must have sucked, huh? :(

Had such a great time at Genting. See you again on Monday! :)