Jan 8, 2009

Parents are coming to town

CNY and my cousin's wedding is coming near.
Therefore, my family decided to come over for 3 weeks in Selangor to stay at my humble flat.
Yeah, mum's cooking :)

One big happy family


newman said...

like your stuff, quite cool reading


Janice Stone said...

I love the dolls! Where is that? I wanna buy~
So colourful and looks so hugable

Kimmy said...

newman: thank you ;)

Janice: Come to Leisure Mall, Cheras. It's in one of those gift shops. You won't miss it. They come in 2 sizes. :P

iris said...

Kim,the photo is up to the blog "finally"...=) Nice.You know what i mean =P

Janice Stone said...

I hardly go KL
even if I go I don't have time for shopping too~~~~