Feb 24, 2009

Almost dead

Purple Gloxinia
Some months ago, I mistakenly bought another plant after buying Monroe. Just because it looked beautiful and sold in a shop in town near your home, didn't mean that you could plant it at home. What I have learned was to read up what you're planning to buy especially plants. But if you could afford to breed them in cold conditions by switching the air con 24 hours a day, then it would be okay to have one at home.
I gave up hope on that plant and just waited for it to die a slow death. So I just put it near the window to get the indirect sunlight. As expected all flowers and buds died because of too much water. It was bloated with water that the buds ooozed out something black on it.
Now, it seems to come back to life by watering less. The first flower is going to bloom very soon and the whole household are very excited with it. We didn't expect it to live. This plant really has the will to live or perhaps it already adapt itself to the current temperature. Funny little fella. Although it's fragile, it did show some strength to go on growing. I can imagine that plant gave a tiny whisper saying, "Don't give up on me"

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Anonymous said...

You can propagate this plant by leaf cutting. it's actually quite similar to african violet in that respect. I've had gloxinias before, and IIRC, you need to water into a dish, not directly into the soil. Also, use the pink fertiliser sticks that are used for african violets - they will suddenly flower again.