Feb 6, 2009

CNY Party at Animasia

Dad and I got invited to my brother, Glen for his company's dinner in celebrating the Lunar New Year.
It's very common for local companies that managed or owned by a chinese as part of tradition. Where I work, we also have that 'party' but only among the colleagues. I only knew there was a party after it held the next day. Most probably because most of them are men and speak in chinese. Heck, I don't care whether if I was invited or not.
I almost thought that my brother's company may be the same but should give a benefit of doubt since its his first(and mine) time experience.

The food that were served catered for all races which is good for all staffs and families. Plus limitless cans of beer(good for my dad) to make most the guests around to be happy. I was impressed that it catered for everyone in comparison to other companies that I joined and experienced. At least, this company do care on every worker's feelings when it comes to events. Most companies(and colleagues) prefer not to invite people of other races because of the language and religion.
Lok Lok
That day was also considered as the open day for the company. I had a good visit my bro's desk and his office. There's not much stuff yet since he just started working with the company in mid November last year.
Glen's Desk
My first impression was like "Wow, that's really cool". I could call it almost 'google' standard with the availability of a pool table, playstation, wii, movie room(to review their finishing works) and a PANTRY(my office do not have that). Yep, this company do have one of a few things that makes a worker stays.
Pantry (simple and important for any office)
During the event itself... Glen volunteered to be a mascot. He had the chance first hand to be 'bowed' by lions and handing out ang pows to children. I bet he had a lot of fun being the mascot. Hehe...
His senior, Han managed to ask me which one was him. I gave the correct answer. :)
Which one is Glen?
The night ended with a game called Bingo. The newly confirmed workers of the company had to contribute some gifts for the game so there were quite a lot of it. There were 5 rounds. Every round of the game had 11 gifts. Glen manage to get a terracota mask with the help of his friend since he couldn't stand being awake after 12. The party lasted almost the next morning. But I guess, it was well worth it for everyone who attend it.
Director (Ah Long) giving instructions

Concentrate to win

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