Feb 5, 2009

Salad Toss in Xavier Hall

Once again we gather here together to celebrate the Lunar New Year and someone's birthday. This dinner I would consider it as 'different' because it's not a place where you'd usually get an 8 course dinner in a noisy air-coned room(filled with ppl sometimes).

This time, it'll be in a hall with beautiful decorated bamboos and oranges.
As for the food, Miss Dora really did her magic when she delegate the gang and did some finishing touches with most of the dishes. Perhaps out of the 7 ladies in the group, only she has the talent to cook a scrumptious meal for a big group. I can only cook according my own taste :P....

Dora preparing steam fish
Pineapple chicken (My favourite)
Before we start eating, it's part of tradition to 'loh sang' (an act of tossing the salad) but in chinese it meant gathering prosperity. As we were preparing the dish... we forgot something. "Hey, where are the chopsticks??" Of course, on every Wednesday gathering we never use chopsticks for dinner.
So we used forks while uttering the auspicious wishes in English. Haha...
Loh Sang!
The food was so good I didn't manage to take any photos of people eating.
One of the last dish we had was kuih bakul(basket cake). It's the first time I actually tried it and watch someone cut it with a string. It's almost like dodol only better (for my taste).
Cutting kuih bakul
It was a challenge to eat the cake. I had some difficulty to bite it because it was too sticky and elastic. No wonder the 'kitchen god' was offered this cake to keep his mouth shut. ;)
Finger likin' good


zewt said...

the person on the right looks very familiar...

Kimmy said...

zewt: really? where did you meet her?