Feb 13, 2009

That furry little thing

I was warned before I start weeding around the garden of Xavier Hall.
There was a furry yellow fella moving around on the little white flower bush.
It only had a big black eye to look at you.

It sounded scary and I felt excited to know what was it.
Could it be a one-eyed chick? A bug?
Or just a miniature statue my friend had placed in the garden.
I pondered more.

I remembered back what I saw among the bush of little white flowers.
The bush seem to be dying.
As if it was infested with a disease.

Looking closer to the plant,
there was a little furry animal resting on the bush,
among the greener parts that didn't look diseased.
Alas it was a caterpillar!

Ugh, I felt I should kill it before it killed the plant.
Yet, I was told that it was to cute to die.
Lucky little critter. That yellow furry pest.
Your life is spared.


mel said...

don't kill the caterpillars, kim! they're cute baby flutterbyes ...

CaroL Magdalene said...

at least the presence is being noticed:)