Feb 3, 2009

What we did in Genting?

We were blessed to be there when not many visitors around as it was a weekday where everyone was still working.

On the first day, we didn't manage to go anywhere but exchange presents among the families. Mothers and aunties have their own items to exchange as well as for us cousins in our own generation. Plus, the day was late and everyone was too tired to travel anywhere. We only managed to have dinner and had some durian ice-cream at Goh Tong just below Awana Resort.

Ice-cream (Picture courtesy of Bea)

The next day was where the adventure begined. Hehe... The skyway was interesting and the view was spectacular in the morning.



We went to Bakery which was quite close to the main door. The hot chocolate was interesting to try. The scones were the only things which was 'value for money'. The rest of the items in the bakery were a bit expensive. After that, we went for dim sum for lunch(can't remember the name of the resturant :-P) since it's only open at 12pm.
Hot chocolate anyone?
As for the rides, some were closed for maintenance and some we had to pay for it. We just go for the ones that we didn't have to pay (except for the entrance fee).
Overall, our trip was well spent :)
You must try this ride!


Tine said...

Hahahaha you actually put that photo up! :P We had such great fun, didn't we?

Kimmy said...

Tine: Of course! :D Yes, we did have a lot of fun there!