Mar 23, 2009

Balloon Frenzy

I was informed there was a hot air balloon fiesta going on in Putrajaya. At first, I had no intention of going there but since we passed by on the last day from Seremban... what the heck.



Yup, balloons were everywhere except for the ones I expected for the first few hours under the hot sun. It was a marketplace filled with people trying to sell of food, drinks and of course balloons.

While waiting for some staff trying to fill the hot air into the balloon, we got to see some para-gliders around the sky. It was fun and interesting to watch(and it more dangerous than using the hot air balloons :-P)



Only at 6.30pm(suppose to be 5.30pm) that they start pumping the hot air. Tonnes of photographers with BIG lenses and definitely better than mine get to ride on the balloon or enter the gate easily to get a better shot. If I had come yesterday, I would have gotten the chance to ride one of the balloons. Fortunately for my housemate, she got to ride one of them on the day before. Damn.....

View from below




All was not lost. Even from afar, the sight was just as spectacular. I love the sight of the balloons. They gave me that sort of awe and excitement just by looking at them. Looking at the people was just as interesting hehe. You had no idea to what level they took to get a good shot.

Nice view from below


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