Mar 26, 2009

Jakarta: Day 1

Most of my friends would ask, "How was the trip? Was it great??"
I could say so-so. Not really my ideal holiday as the majority of people were at my mother's age(around 80% of them). The main reason of the holiday for most of them was shopping. I joined in because I was curious with the lifestyle in the big city of Jakarta.
Automatically, with my type of age, I became a human calculator and also my mum's cashier to calculate my mum's money. Here's some random shots of the tour.

FYI, I looked back at the itinerary almost 50% were not covered. :(

Traditional House


No shoes in the house


Avoid the red rabbit they bug you just to get tips


Safari without the fried chicken


The tiger looked as if it was high on drugs

Sunset at Puncak Highland



beetrice said...

if I scratch my dogs around their cheek and back of the neck area, they will also look like high on drugs - shiok mah! :D

jani said...

why didn't you take photo with the tiger?
I missed the time we had one with a cub. It just feel so good. ^^