Mar 10, 2009

Weekly Visits

"I'm in Seremban now"......
That's the weekly message I would give to my friends and bosses in case they can't find me at work or in KL. Everytime my dad comes down to the Peninsular, he will definitely drag me to Seremban to pay a visit to grandma. That will be the time as well to be away from technology especially the internet. There is no phone line in the other house which belongs to my late grandpa. What I usually do to kill time is to watch tv(limited to only ntv7, rtm1, rtm1, tv3 and 8tv), reading and sleeping.
I didn't have the interest to walk around the neighbourhood taking photographs because of the fear of being mugged or hurt. It is usual in Malaysia itself to walk in fear when you are alone.

At around 6pm, we'll go down to grandma's house to fetch her. Almost without fail, she'll offer me 1 can of 100Plus which I always find an excuse not to take it. If she's pushy enough, I eventually give in and drink it.

Grandmother and Dad
There are 2 main dish that we cannot forget to order. One is the steam fish and another would be the potato shoots/leaves. And the third dish would be alternate. Either tofu, sweet sour pork or pork with mantou(bun).

Potato shoots

Steam Fish


Sweet sour pork

Pork with mantau



This food can be found in almost any chinese restaurant in Seremban. Regardless to which restaurant, these are the 'must have' food for grandma to enjoy :).


Tine said...

Hey the African fish! :D Yummmmmm

charmedcookie said...

hahaha... bingo! At least it's now either this restaurant in Rasah New Village or Bee Kee - we are such creatures of habit!