Apr 16, 2009

Easter Rocks

Easter dinner


I had a dream last Sunday that I'm not being able to work for 7 days because of a back pain. On the day itself when I was working, i felt a sharp pain on the right side of my back close to my spine at the mid section. It took me 4 hours to endure the pain before I was given a jab. I was glad that Angela worked near by managed to send me to the nearest hospital. Mel called me as well to help me to the hospital but Angela came home just in time. I was grateful as well that Chris and Carol came over to help and accompany me from UH to Assunta. UH will be the last place to go to because one has to wait for donkey hours. So much for 'Emergency'.

The dream finally came true that I was hospitalized at Assunta because of a stone that got stucked in my kidney. It managed to pop out of the kidney leaving it inflamed but I might be having another 'attack' at the bladder sooner or later. I was given pain killers and a type of medication to loosen my ureter.

I had been having a slight backache for quite some time but I was advised that i sat too long and lack of exercise. Funny, when I really started walking around to the line to work... the pain didn't wear go off. Drinking in the line is out of the question because it's prohibited. I can drink in my cubicle but not too often as you will be considered as loitering. Anway, I'm not thirsty most of the time so there's no need to drink. :-P

My next appointment to the specialist will be on the 28th April which is the next 2 weeks after my last appointment with the doctor. Another 2 weeks to drink 3-4 litres of water to get the blardy stone out. If the it's not out... I may have to go through the Ureteroscopic Stone Removal. >_<>

Yes, my dream came true that I have not been working for 7 days. Of course, my office called non-stop for updates. I'm not surprised that I'll be threatened to get fired because of not being fit to support production. Not exactly my kind of holiday.


drumsticks said...

kim, my dad had kidney stones a few times..and was very painful. he took lots lots of water to urinate it out. about 11 pint.. hope urs will come out soon..

Kimmy said...

Haa?! Few times?? Looks like it's not the end of my ordeal..huhuhuh...

jennvaz said...

Hope you get well soon. I hate being sick, it makes me miserable. I hope your problem will go away soon.

drumsticks said...

hmm it wasn't few years later he got it.. so no worries..

but do take care there.. drink more fluids..

i know how when ur working u jus dun feel like drinking and even forget to drink..