Apr 5, 2009

Jakarta: Day 3

It was the last day at Bandung and the only thing the group did was shopping. The areas that we went to weren't as posh as in 1 Utama or Midvalley just like how most people in KL would generally shop.
The only thing that might be interesting to buy especially for most women was cloth. There were tonnes of designs for batik and that's where people would aim for when they come here.
I only bought two; without any idea when and how I was going to do with it. Obviously an outfit but no design in mind yet.

Cloths for sale
After several hours of searching for cloths, Mum and I just went out of the building for a rest. I had not much to do except to carry plastic bags of shopped items while looking around hoping for anything may have enticed me. The lane for a mall was extremely narrow for people to walk around but nobody really bothered about it.
Trishaw tourists and locals
Since there was an hour left, I went outside the building for a 'tour' how the area was like. There were more things to see and food to try that I wished I should have tried walking outside much earlier and bought a few more tidbits to bring home.
Tidbits which looked the same as in Malaysia
One interesting thing about here especially Bandung, one easily get strawberries almost everywhere. From the day we arrived till we left the place, the locals will try to sell their stawberries for Rp50,000(appx. RM15) or less in 3 containers. The fruits were really sweet. One should try at least once. It surprised me that these fruits could actually grow in such a hot climate in Banding. Must be the volcanic soil...

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jani said...

I want the strawberries! I want I want! Strawberries are good for ladies, you know. And you can hardly find good + cheap ones in Msia. =.=

If I'm going to Indo sure I'll grab as many batik as I can! Ok I heard its cheap there. You'll need it when you are government servant. heez~