Apr 5, 2009

Jakarta: Day 4

Shopping again on the next day. Bought 2 batik blouse for myself. It was rather nice but doubt that I'm going to wear it to work like how my mum wanted to do with her blouse. For a person who generally wears jeans and T-shirt(and a coat due to the cold) almost everyday to work because of the working condition, it'll be a shock for my colleagues.
One thing for sure about shopping, you could touch it, you could bargain for it without being scolded by the shopkeeper. Totally different from China and Hong Kong from what my mum experienced.

Kluangman(Flying Fox man) pyjamas
Freaky mannequin
Shopkeepers posing and smiling

Save water by washing during the flood
A whole family trip(Not normally seen in a city)


JOyce said...

kim.. i do agree with you on the mannequin. It looks very eerie.. which explains why i don't like McR

Kimmy said...

Joyce, majority of people find the mannequin very eerie. I was pondering, what's with the moustache?