Apr 5, 2009

Lighting Experience - Series of Events

I'm always fascinated with lightnings but at the same time I'm fearful of it. Someone pondered why am I so afraid of it even if I'm in a building. I can take the sound but to see its flash which is too close to the window, that takes the cake. I'll just move further from it in case the window crashed. I know it's scientifically impossible but I cannot stant the sight of it when it's so near.
I recalled during my younger years of living in the government quarters at the agriculture department in Tuaran, I would always run to my mum to seek shelter against the ghast of strong winds and heavy rain. We were really scared at that time because of our house which was right underneath a big tree with its big heavy branches growing on it. Although it looked solid, I knew better from my mum's eyes that she was fearful of it especially when dad was out for work or dinner.
What made me jump was when it striked a tree near to our bedroom. And next to a tree was an electric pole. It fell on top of the pole and while the downpour was still on, flashes of electricity buzzed near to our window. I swear I was screaming with fear that one of us going to die due to electrocution or fire(if it burned the house).
Late Teens
I was in pre-U and studied at Labuan. Watching the lightning in action at the sea from the beach was more exciting than watching a television. We could even see waterspouts far off at the sea right before the rain came. I remembered when I was about to go to church, we were in a van waiting for the driver and that's when I saw a lighting striked a tree with smokes and fire came out of it. I was nearest to my window and didn't dare to run out to take shelter. It was the time I really prayed to have my life spared.
Another occasion was when my coursemates and I were told to give respect to Tun Dr. Mahathir when he was still a Prime Minister by standing in the field with our uniforms(1 coloured baju kurung) when he came for a visit. He still gave out his speech while we were standing there in the cold and rain. We ran out of the field as he was still talking on the mic because the lightning striked at the flood lights which was quite near to us. It was amazing to know that nobody bothered whether anyone was hurt at that time. Everything went back to normal the next day for us to attend class.
Early 20s
It was the time when I was still studying in the university. It happened when my coursemates and I were waiting at a bus stop after class. We I were panicking as the lightning came closer towards us. It didn't hit us(if not I wouldn't be here typing this blog) but we could feel the heat and a strong white light that burned our eyes when it striked on one of the building next to our bus stop. It felt like a slap on my arm while my other friends were kneeling on the floor with shock as they felt a slap too around their body.
Thank goodness I don't have any and hopefully it'll be the last since my uni years.

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